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A Guide to ADA Signs
almost 4 years ago


Today the importance of signs is being realized by a large group of people. The identification signs are being used in many ways. They are used to inform passersby of locations and also providing warning signs of possible dangers and hazards that are close. For those people with disabilities, some signs are useful to them. These signs allow those people who have some difficulties when they are walking or those who use wheelchairs for movement to know where they can go to access a given area. You will find ADA signs mostly in the restrooms with signs of wheelchair symbol. These signs indicate that there is an approved room for the disabled inside that restroom.


Arrows are other ADA signs that are used to indicate the access ramps to those people who use wheelchairs and appropriate entrances and exits for them. Although the general population can also use them, they are primarily made for those people with such health problems. ADA signs are even constituted in the constitution of some countries. Part of these acts needs commercial buildings and public places to have those signs so that the lives of the disabled people can be more convenient. See page for more info about ADA compliant signs.


There are several aspects that ADA signs should meet so that they may be considered compliant. These aspects that ADA signs should meet are set on a reflective background so that people can read them easily especially those who with poor vision. The high letter should be used, and in addition to that, a background contrast will be needed. The letters that are raised are used because they increase the readability even when you are far away. Braille is also included in the ADA signs so that those members who are blind can benefit from them as well. Visit Image360 for the best ADA signs.


A lot of ADA signs especially those that indicate the use of wheelchairs to access some points are depicted with images. They are mostly used in the commercial buildings or public places so that those people who use wheelchairs can notice the signs in pictogram form. You will even find that some buildings use those pictogram forms depicting different genders if the restrooms are not in one place. They use these images because not everyone can read the English language. They use them so that everyone will understand the meaning of the sign. You will also find some commercial building with pictogram forms of wheelchairs. They are the ones that direct those who are using wheelchairs to elevators or stairs in case fire breaks in the building.

View more info on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqSa9zFwMKc

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